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The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the ultimate smart clock for any room. With a big & bold display you can check out the time from across the room, whether in the kitchen, in the living room or on a shelf. Talk to Google for hands-free help. From checking the time & weather, setting timers for cooking, adding items to your shopping list or making hands-free calls, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is here to help you be more productive and take back time.  It’s also a great night-time companion with its built-in nightlight that provides a small source of light without waking up the whole family. No more stumbling around in the dark when searching for things. Listen to music, news, podcasts, and more with the clock’s quality speakers. Control over 40,000 compatible smart devices from over 5,000 brands. Ask Google to set the temperature, dim the lights, and more. Just say “Hey Google.”

Key Features

Look at the time
Check out the time. See it on the easy-to-read LED, big, bright and visible, from any angle or across the room. Whether in the kitchen, under the TV or on a shelf, the smart clock complements any room perfectly, balancing practical functionality with discreet minimalism.

Ask for the time
Focused on your game? Running around? Just woke up? Just ask, "Hey Google, what time is it?"

Take back time
About to head out? Check the display for the weather. Everyone needs Google's helping hand. Set timers for cooking or baking or to manage your kids' screen times. Google can also set reminders, add items to your shopping list, deliver facts, translations, conversions, play interactive games and even make hands-free calls.

Built-in night light
A built-in night light lets you get up at night without stumbling around or waking up the whole family by turning on the ceiling lights. No more using the light from your phone at night as you head to the bathroom, study or kitchen

Adjustable brightness
Whether you're heading to the bathroom or kitchen, or doing some light reading or meditation to help you sleep, the LED digits are just bright enough to make your surroundings clearly visible yet dim enough to foster a healthy sleep environment.

Play your favourite audio streams
The clock's quality speakers add volume and bass to your music playlists, radio stations, audiobooks, podcasts and more. All you need is your voice--just ask Google--and listen. Or cast from a music app. Just tap the Cast button on your go-to music app on a phone or tablet and start streaming your playlist straight from the clock.

Music in every room
Fill your entire home with music: With the multi-room functionality, you can add your smart clock to a speaker group, so you can play media across multiple devices and rooms.

Smart home hub
Control over 40,000 compatible smart devices from over 5,000 brands. Ask Google to set the temperature, dim the lights and more. Just say “Hey Google.”

Cast with your voice
Ask Google to stream your shows, movies or music playlists to your TV or speakers using just your voice.

Home intercom system
Make a household-wide announcement: Let everyone know it’s time for dinner by broadcasting to the other speakers or smart clocks throughout the house.

Built-in USB charging
The handy USB port behind the Smart Clock lets you charge devices such as your smart watch or phone.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential | Ex-Demo - Tech Junction
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential | Ex-Demo - Tech Junction