Astrotek EPS 12V Adapter - 4-Pin Molex To 8-Pin P4 Mainboard Plug - 20cm

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Astrotek Internal Power Molex Cable 20cm - 4 pins to 8 pins ATX EPS 12V Motherboard Power Supply Adapter Converter 

The ASTROTEK Molex 4-pin to 8-pin EPS12V connector adapter is designed for users with a motherboard that requires an 8-pin EPS12V connection but a power supply that doesn't have it. By using a Molex to 8-pin adapter you can convert a standard 4pin plug coming off your power supply into the 8-pin EPS 12V power you need to get up and running.

Inputs: 1 X 4-Pin Power Connectors
Outputs: 1 X 8-Pin EPS12V Power Connector