Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler

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DeepCool Gamma Archer AMD/Intel CPU Cooler - Compatible with Intel LGA775/1150/1155/1156/1200 and AMD all sockets, up to AM5

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
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The Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler (Gamma Archer) provides the efficient performance necessary for keeping processor thermal levels at an optimum level.  Unlike conventional CPU air coolers, the Deepcool Gamma Archer features a circular design that allows it to deliver ample airflow and air pressure sufficient to prevent the processor from overheating.

High-quality performance

The heatsink and fan assembly implement a circular architecture so as not to obstruct airflow to memory modules and other components.  The fan spins at 1600RPM, give or take 10%, and produces a maximum airflow of 55.5CFM while generating a minimum noise level of 21dbA.

Broad compatibility

The Gamma Archer CPU Cooler air offers excellent cooling performance for motherboards with compatible CPU sockets.  It is suitable for equipping in motherboards with Intel and AMD sockets from the Intel LGA775, 1150, 1155, 1156 and virtually all AMD sockets.  

The Deepcool Gamma Archer's budget-friendly price point and above-average thermal management capability make it a highly-recommended alternative to stock processor air coolers. 


Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler - Desktop Overview 1

Compatible with Intel LGA775/1150/1155/1156 and AMD all sockets, up to 95W.
High-quality aluminium extrusion, long lifespan and high cooling performance.
120mm big airflow fan blows heat away very efficiently.
The unique fan frame design conducts the airflow to dissipate heat for memory and the motherboard.

Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler
Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler
Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler
Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler
Deepcool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler