Premium USB3.1 Type-C (USB-C) to Type-A (USB-A) Male to Male charging Cable Reversible USB-C High power capacity (3A) for faster charges Sync and Charging | Hard Drive | SSD | HDD | OTG Cable -1M

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- Reversible Inserting- With the new USB Type-C connector, it supports reversible inserting, easy to plug in and out.
- USB3.1 GEN1 Specification- Provides you with fast and stable data transfer.
- Fast Charging- Support 3A power output. Provide fast charging for your devices.
- Wide Usage- Applicable for all USB-C supported devices.
- Premium Copper Wire- Provide better connectivity and boost signal transmission.
- USB-C Standard- Adopt high-quality wire to meet the standard of USB-C.
- Multi-Layer Shielding- Provide protection against signal interference and stabilise data transmission.